54% of U.S. Metros on Pace to Reach Eight-Year High in Home Sales in 2015

54 Percent of U.S. Metros on Pace to Reach Eight-Year High in Home Sales in 2015 Based on Sales Through August


The 110 metro areas on pace for at least an eight-year high in home sales through August included Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Riverside-San Bernardino in Southern California, Detroit, Seattle, Tampa, Minneapolis, and Portland.

Salt Lake City, Portland, and Minneapolis/Saint Paul post biggest gains in home sales volume.
Among markets with at least 10,000 single family home and condo sales in the first eight months of 2015, those with the biggest year-over-year increases were Salt Lake City (up 31.6 percent), Portland (up 22.2 percent), Minneapolis-St. Paul (up 19.2 percent), Jacksonville, Florida (up 16.6 percent), and Seattle (up 16.2 percent).

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On the Road Trip Home

We have a new national advertising campaign at Coldwell Banker that we kicked off last Sunday night during the Grammys. It is entitled #HomeRocks. This photo which I took at 6:30 in the morning leaving San Bernardino, California depicts the open road and the thrill of a coordinated adventure my husband and I were pulling off quite artfully. We were halfway through our road trip destined by our fondness for “Two Kinds of Home.”
The “Two Kinds” being: A mobile one, just purchased with a stroke on eBay from a man we really only knew as Michael, and our small lake home of 32 years, the only one our kids have ever known, which we were returning to in Minnesota. It strikes me now as these are unquestionably the two best deals we have ever made in our lives. HOME DOES ROCK!
I didn’t realize the comparison as we were en route, but the phrase ‘home rocks’ in conjunction with our real time drive through the mind-blowing Colorado Rockies was uncanny. And I couldn’t even stop to ski, but had to press my face against the window and just stare at Vail as we went by through the sleet.
It was the week before Thanksgiving when we had to leave, and we were feeling like we had ‘the final safe weather window’ of the season to haul ___ across the country. That we chose to drive out in our truck, to pick up a much lusted after and researched to the nines for literally years by my husband, – his fantasy – a travel trailer that can stand up to extremes in temperature – a lightly used, but oh so new-looking one from the pictures; once, but no longer made in British Columbia – a BIGFOOT – was exciting and exhausting. We just did it! (The Nike Approach)
We were decisive in a quick but calculated moment and took a risk on purchasing our Bigfoot, sight unseen, by bidding for this perfect one, which we hoped no one else in North America would notice was for sale at such a good price on eBay! Bidding is something that we had never done before, even for something small.
So we embarked on a spontaneous adventure, a 5 and 3/4 day round trip marathon out to San Bernardino, California from Mound, Minnesota, to pick up a travel trailer called a Bigfoot! We truly could not love it more, and my husband could not be happier, and we made it back in time for our granddaughter’s fifth birthday, too. It is parked safely in our driveway, tucked away for awhile during this grueling winter, being readied for its future trips to come. Mission Accomplished – even during the middle of a complex real estate transaction, with great thanks to Steve Jobs and Wi-Fi.




“Home Sweet Home” Mötley Crüe song 2014 TV Ad